Scalable from Small to Large

With TakeStock EPOS being so popular, it's not surprising that we have dozens of different shapes and sizes available.

But here's the really neat thing, TakeStock EPOS can simply grow with you as your business needs change. As you get bigger and need more control TakeStock EPOS can deliver just that.

Fully Scalable

TakeStock EPOS is installed throughout the UK, these shops range from Fish and Chips Shops, to Wholesale outlets.

Ranging from the number of tills they have, to the types of hardware they use within their business.

Individual Hardware

Unlike others, we understand that each till could and will be configured differently.

Therefore, with TakeStock EPOS, you can do just that.

You can use completely different hardware for each unit, so the shop till could have a touch screen whilst the stock room pc only has a bar code scanner attached,.


Some configurations have dozens of pc's all 'Talking to the head office computer'whilst other sites may only have the need for a couple of pc's or even just one.

Configurations can be supported by both Linux and Windows Server 2003.

Touch Screens

TakeStock EPOS will also allow you to use Touch Screens.

With a touch screen editor, you are able to show just what's wanted on your touch screen.

Again you can use different hardware for different computers.


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