Direct Texting to Mobiles

Another time and money saving option from TakeStock EPOS is that of Texting directly to your customers.

So need to chase up money owed, want to tell your customers about your latest offering ? Well do it via text messaging....

Text Account Status

Within TakeStock EPOS you are able to instantly text all your customers with their accounts status/ their debt balance.

Text Latest Offers

Why not employ some new up to date methods?

TakeStock EPOS will allow you to text your account customers with your latest offerings without the need for hours of work..

Text Chase Ups

Without any hassle, simply chase up account holders who haven't paid with quick, direct and automated text messages.

Texting with links

TakeStock EPOS will allow you to send automatic texts with direct embedded links to your websites.

Customers can see your latest products via their web enabled mobile phones.

What people say about us

"Takestock EPOS is so easy and simple to use. I use it for my company and will never look back on what a brilliant, easy and very affordable choice I have made. As the saying goes, they definatly are 'Giving you Total Control of your Business'."

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